It is never too late to restore your health

Expert Medical Nutrition and Tong Ren Healing For Chronic Diseases

Get significan relief from symptoms of GERD, IBS, Colitis, Arthritis, MS, Diabetes and Neuropathy.

Good Foods Can Taste Great

You want foods to taste good, but know about the ones that will really help your brain, liver, intestines and muscles when they are struggling to repair.

Experience Tong Ren, no-needle acupuncture

You want to remove blockages in the flow of your Chi, so that all possible repair signals in your body are working.  See intro video at 

What I Do: Nutrition Counseling, Lecturing, Writing

Super-nourished For Best Health

I like to help people be super nourished so they can get off medicines which too often have side effects and little true effectiveness.Example: probiotics and primrose oil to lower cholesterol, not statins.

Nutrition Must Be Easy and Tasty

Breakfast: smoked almonds with a chocolate whey protein banana smoothie; lunch as tomato, parsley, lentil, feta salad; later, a mango macadamia nut snack? Grilled garlic shrimp for supper. Sound okay?

A New Book Coming Soon ...

Coming July 2018:  

Exceptional Aging: Fierce Food and Smart Supplements:  the nutrition formula for vitality after 50.

Brief Biography

Nutrition Counseling

Private Practice, Arlington MA 2011 to present

Harvard University Student-Faculty Health Service, 1990 to 2014.

Fenway Community Health Center, 1992 to 2012

Dimmock Health Center, Roxbury 1993 to 2010

Professional Lecturing

Bristol Myers Squibb Visiting Faculty 

Gliead Sciences Community support


Abbott Labs, guest lecturer 

Some Past Presentations:

Connecticut Dental Hygienists Association, Hartford CT. 2013 Continuing Ed. Lectures: Nutrition and Energy Medicine For Dental Patients. Special Focus on TMJ and Gingivitis.”

University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago. 2013  “HIV Case Studies: When Nutrition Works Better Than Drugs.”

Ryan White All Titles Conference, Washington DC 2010; "Nutrients For HIV/HCV Co-infected Patients"

Hepatitis In The Heartland: Prevention and Treatment Initiatives. 2006 Kansas City, MO; & Omaha Nebraska. "Taking Care of Liver Cells"

Massachusetts Psychological Association, 1989 "Very Low Calorie Diets 

In Treatment of Morbid Obesity".

Academic Affiliations

Boston University School of Public Health:

    Framingham Hearth Study

Sargent College, Boston University

Tufts Medical School, Department of 

      Community Medicine

 Boston University School of Medicine, 

     Department of Computer Medicine 

Informative Nutritious Group Lectures

Your club, business organization,

or support group will thank you for

arranging such an informative, fun

and useful lecture. Popular topics:

Be super-nourished. Let caveman

cuisine be your food guide: fish,

roots, leaves, nuts, and berries to

tackle diabetes, cholesterol and even

life with/after cancer. OK, so it’s

salmon, sweet potato, spinach,

strawberries and pecans for dinner.

Learn modern hunting ‘n gathering.

Ultimate Weight Control. Atkins,

South Beach, Scarsdale, What next?

The real issues: difficult metabolisms,

hybridized food, stress and fatigue.

Plus, “I know what I should eat, but

I don’t seem to do it.”

Therapy for MS & Parkinson’s.

Interferon/shots drive immune

activity, but is there fuel in the tank?

Use nutrients and Tong Ren to stop

the inflammation in nerves.

Metabolic Therapy For IBD. Gut

discomfort is miserable. Steroids and

immune suppression for Cohn’s and

Colitis are scary. Nutrients heal.

Nutrition for Adult Athletes. Bike

500 miles, run a marathon, swim in a

masters tournament. It’s fun, but at

50, recovery is slow. Eat to be fierce.

Some Sample Success Stories

On a gluten-free diet, with glutamine and Culturelle supplements, plus weekly Tong Ren, there are finally no more traces of the lymphoma a 70 year old woman had 9 years before.

A 50 year old man with Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years needed a cane to walk. After a few years of Tong Ren, plus nutrition therapy with Co Q10, L-carnitine, methyl B-12 and Magnesium, he's walking just fine with no cane, and is even back to rowing on the river. 

A 70 year old man with pulmonary hypertension and an enlarged heart, astounds his doctors as his heart and lung functions continue to improve 3.5 years after his diagnosis, thanks to glutamine, magnesium glycinate, Co Q10, and N-acetylcysteine, plus multiple Tong Ren sessions each week. 

There are no hopeless cases

Many people have a sense that better nutrition is the solution to their chronic discomfort from colitis, diabetic neuropathy, MS, COPD, rheumatoid arthritis and more. Their docotor knows only drug therapies.  They want to find expert nutrition advice. These are the people I love to help. If you are feeling stuck in a chronic disease where prescription drugs feel inadequate, come see me! Charlie

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